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Flower Bed at the Window

Flower Bed at the Window

Compare, how we decorate windows with flowers outside and how inside? Nobody can image how it is to plant in the flower bed that is outside only one flower. But the single pots on a window sill is a usual case. And it is vain, because a beautiful flower composition at your window can decorate any room.

Kitchen window is an ideal place for cultivation of spicy grasses. Try to plant in an oblong ornamental flowerpot: basil, thyme,  shnitt-onions, parsley, mint, sage, marjoram. If it seems to you that this composition looks too monotonously on color, try to dilute green by yellow, by planted together a calendula bush with other grasses a calendula.

1. Choose a suitable capacity for a flower composition. There are usually on sale flower beds from white or brown plastic. But they won’t suit for every interior. For a room in a country style, try to choose wooden or wattled boxes, and for a room in modern style it will look good a flower bed from stainless steel. The ideal variant is that the flower bed should occupy the whole window sill, because a small capacity on a big window sill looks badly.

2. What plants can live together.  First of all choose what flowers in the house do you like. They should have almost the same requirements for growth conditions: first of all it concerns the requirements for water, soil and light. That’s why ferns won’t be able to live with succulents, and cactuses with the alpine violet - they are too different.

3. How to arrange flowers in a composition. First of all choose what flowers in the house do you like. It is possible to plant some types of one plant, for example 6-7 bulbous abreast. Despite the simplicity of the composition, they can decorate even the most refined interior. But the flower bed with plants of different height and a decor will look richer and more interesting. For a big capacity will suit 1 or 2 high flowers with beautiful decorative foliage will, they form the composition skeleton. The second circle is formed from 3 or 4 flower of average height, and 2 hang-downing plants which will cover the edges of the flower bed will give a completed view to the composition. However do not plant it too closely. Allow to plants to show their whole beauty. The composition will look elegant, if there is one blossoming plant in it (plant it in the centre) or two with motley foliage.

4. Planting together or separately? There are two ways of planting. The first one: pots with plants are placed in the flower bed and the space between them is filled with peat. It is better to use clay pots with drainage apertures in the bottom. The second variant: plants are taken out from the pots and planted directly in the soil. The lack of this way is that the roots of the plants intertwine after some time, and some plants can oppress other, besides it is very difficult to replace plants.

Pluses and minuses of the flower bed :

+ Plants in the flower bed require less place, than everyone in a separate pot. Plants in a composition always have a well-groomed view.

+ It is easier to take care of them. Plants in the flower bed require watering less often, than in separate pots.

- But in narrowness increases the danger of infection of plants by wreckers and virus diseases.

- Higher plants can shadow the lower plants. That’s why it is necessary regularly to pinch back and to thin out the plants in order they not to disturb each other.