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Kitchen Garden of the House for Beginners

Kitchen Garden of the House for Beginners

What to plant:

Not every plant is easy to grow up on a window sill or on a balcony. For example, fennel, parsley and basil require a lot of light, they grow and ripe for a long time, that is why it is better to plant them on beds. Kress-salad, sheet mustard, any sheet salad, coriander and onions grow well in house conditions.

How to plant:

1. Prepare the soil and container: as the basic ground it is possible to buy soil on a basis of biohumus, and to add haydite in it. Do not spread it on the bottom of the container as it is usually done, but presoak it in water for a day and then mix with the soil. It will delay the superfluous moisture, and if necessary to give it back. On the bottom of the container it is possible to put birch pieces of coal, and to add vermiculite in the soil - a mineral which makes soil more friable and normalizes its humidity.

2. Plant the seeds on depth of about 0,5 cm and cover them with earth. The crop frequency is not very important in our case that is why it is possible to plant the seeds as you can. The Onions are better to plant frequently, leaving a distance of 1 cm It will give amicable shoots and it will be more convenient to cut the arrows off.

3. In order to help the plants to ascend, cover them with plastic and air daily, cleaning the condensate. After the seeds will ascend, the plastic can be removed.

4. The plants need to be watered only when the soil is a little bit dry. From overwatering the legs of the shoots can turn black. For watering it is necessary to use a bailer with a very small divider or a medical syringe. Also it is possible to water the gentle sprouts from the corner of the container like «water flow».

If you did everything correctly, salad has to ascend on the 3rd day, onions - on the 5th. And in 10-12 days you can already reap the first crop!