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Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Flowers are one of the main attributes without which can’t handle neither wedding, nor bride. Correctly arranged purple flower bouquet of the will underline the brides beauty and will make the whole image completed. Here it is necessary to understand that different girls with different growth, weight and a hair color need different flowers. And moreover, if the form or the tone of a bouquet is not in harmony with the dress color, even the smartest and the most beautiful dress can seem insipid. Before to make such a responsible choice it is necessary to take under consideration the advices of professional floral artists.

Purple flowers will be in contrast with the white dress of the bride. When choosing purple flowers you have to remember that purple is already the color of passion and revealed ardent love. But if you wish to express your feelings with the help of purple roses and the bride has nothing against it, then everything is all right. If the wedding dress is short it is not necessary to choose a long bouquet and on the contrary, with a lush dress the small bouquet won’t be in harmony, it will be simply lost. Because of that the bride will seem bigger, and the dress even more lush.

Very small or very tall brides have to follow the same rules. Small bride with a big bouquet will look even smaller, and a tall girl with a small bouquet will seem giantess. For plump brides it is necessary to choose a bouquet of a cascade form, instead of round. Grades of flowers have to be chosen according to the same characteristics.

Small brides will look more gently with a bouquet from purple roses, purple asters, purple petunias. And on the contrary bigger girls need bigger flowers – purple rhododendrons, purple syringes, and purple geraniums.

If you are simply a visitor invited to wedding, my advice is not to give huge bouquets, because it is very difficult for the bride to keep them in hands, and they can be rumpled in the car when riding. The big luxurious bouquets are difficult to take out from the car that is why it doesn’t matter, how beautiful is your bouquet it won’t be seen on many photos, because it is difficult to handle with it.

The big bouquets and large flowers are good in the case, when they are fresh and are given on a celebration where the mistress will put them at once in a vase, and your flowers will decorate the holiday, creating mood and comfort in the house.