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The Psychological Characteristic of Purple Color

Ultimate goal of the red impulse is to experience and conquest - calm in satisfaction. Red finds its sense in dark blue.

The dark blue means peace and weakened rest, its goal is the restoration, accumulation of forces for deep experiences and effective conquests. Dark blue finds its semantic sense in red. Both ways lead to unification. The red way reaches its identifications through fighting conquest. Dark blue aspires to identification through self-sacrifice. Both colors, red and dark blue, aspire to identification, unification and merge in the form of love. Red way is male - patriarchal.

Dark blue way is female - matriarchal. Man's red and female dark blue merge in Purple. According to the average statistical data, purple color is also preferred by pregnant women, however right after sorts this color either is absolutely rejected by them, or selected on the basis of individual taste.

A well known psychologist Wilhelm Vundt attributed to purple color - on the basis of its connection with red and dark blue at the same time - propensity to gloomy - melancholic gravity and excited - to melancholy mood. At this Vundt, probably, meant the twilight purple - dark blue color. Vundt’s pupil Stefanesku - Goanga has neatly characterized the action of this color as "the veiled excitation". This is like experimentally found value that is also fair for middle - light nuances of violet color.

Gottfried Haunt in his dissertation "Color symbolic in sacral art" writes: "While black means absolute nothing, violet represents the hidden secret …". Like in medieval glass painting (painting windows in churches), and in remained till nowadays Roman - Catholic church cult, violet is a color of sincere repentance, humility, mildness, sacred solitude. Purple is a color, which is not so simple to understand.

Red and dark blue, male and female, active and passive - these two opposites are destroyed in violet.. Nikolaus Kuzanus, who wearied a ring with a violet stone, who as the cardinal was above the sexual communications, who was the first that united the Middle Ages and the present, theology and philosophy, the speculative mysticism and natural - scientific experimentation and named his creation "Conscious ignorance", he created for violet color an affirmed concept of "Cointidentiaoppositorum" that means destruction, or harmony of contradictions.

Kuzanus distinguished 4 steps of knowledge. The highest, which comprises all previous, is "mystical contemplation". In this unity even merge the beholding subject and beheld object, the immemorial contradiction of experience and thinking. By this last merge are destroyed all contradictions and contrasts, and the Purple color is this mystical union. Purple color is also a magic identification, - for example, between human and animal, the so-called totem, which Levi - Brjul has established in primitive patrimonial religions.

The destruction of subjective - objective contrasts, mystical, magic, magic, capable to destroy contrast between desire and validity, all this is purple color. This is its magic, and this magic is its charm.